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I Love H2

A breakthrough technology that supplies the benefits of a $4000 water ionizer in a dissolvable tablet.

It’s our prediction that Molecular Hydrogen will be the biggest health advance this decade.

  • Proven sports support through scientific studies showing reduced lactic acid effect and post-workout fatigue.
  • Creates H2 levels of around 1.5 ppm, 3 times the molecular hydrogen per litre than in a $4000 electronic water ionizer.
  • Simply dissolve in water - no pills to swallow, can be taken any time of day.
  • Over 500 peer-reviewed articles demonstrate hydrogen to be potentially therapeutic in essentially every organ of the human body
  • H2 may reduce oxidative stress as a selective antioxidant and by maintaining homeostatic levels of glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc.
  • H2 appears to possibly have cell signal-modulating activity giving it potential anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, and anti-allergy benefits.

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Vital Reaction - Molecular Hydrogen

The Vital Reaction™ Tablet is an effervescing tablet that saturates any non-carbonated beverage with millions of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles. Vital Reaction™ Tablets produce the most powerful cloud of H₂ in the least amount of time with the most ease of use. If you would like to learn more, click here


Algotene Red Marine Phytoplankton (Microalgae)

Algotene is one of the richest natural sources of mixed dietary carotenoid antioxidants that contains a comprehensive spectrum of important daily nutrients 

This wonder product provides many of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required to help support: overall health, a healthy immune system, healthy skin and eyes, natural detoxification, healthy ageing and helps protect against cellular damage. A fantastic source of natural vitamin A, and an incredible support for the body's detoxification process.

Taking Algotene daily is a wonderful addition to your routine, and is a true super-nutrient for both adults and children.

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