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Price has been reduced as product is short dated for August this year. Same great product, same excellent quality. The product is being discontinued as Alkaway make way for a new formula for their molecular hydrogen, so grab a bargain.


A breakthrough technology that supplies the benefits of a $4000 water ionizer in a dissolvable tablet.

It’s our prediction that Molecular Hydrogen will be the biggest health advance this decade.

Over 400 scientific studies available

  • Proven sports support through scientific studies showing reduced lactic acid effect and post-workout fatigue.
  • Just drop it into a bottle of water, seal the bottle and wait 5 minutes.
  • 60 tabs per bottle
  • Creates H2 levels of around 2.6ppm, 3 times the molecular hydrogen per litre than in a $4000 electronic water ionizer.

Serving size 1-2 tablets, dissolved in water, daily (or more depending on your needs).

For a range of bottles that are suitable for dissolving your tablets in, please look here

Each tablet contains:
Ionic Hydrogen Matrix Comprised of:
Malic Acid
Fumaric acid
Magnesium 50 mg comprised of:
-Magnesium oxide
-Magnesium malate

Note: ‘I Love H2’ is classified as a sports supplement. For this reason we make no therapeutic or medical claims. Please visit the Molecular Hydrogen Institute’s website for far more exciting detail.


Alkaline Water or Hydrogen water - which is best? Click the link here to find out more.


5 reviews for I Love H2 Molecular Hydrogen Generating Sports Supplement

Tanja – June 21, 2015:

I would like to let you know about my outstanding results after I started drinking I LOVE H2 hydrogen-rich water.

I was told about the tablets by a 60+ year old man who told me of his increased reps at the gym and overall better recovery from hard gym sessions. He radiated good health and told me of increases in a very short time in many of his gym exercises.

As a 45 year old busy mother to three teenage boys I have a great interest in anything that will not only increase my performance for my running yet also help my energy levels and recovery.

Last weekend I competed in the SMH Half marathon in Sydney. Quite a challenging course through the hills and bends of the streets of harbour side Sydney. At my first available chance after the event I went to the Alkaway Byron bay store to purchase my I LOVE H2 tablets. I started my twice daily I LOVE H2 on Tuesday afternoon and noted by Thursday I didn’t seem to have the same post half marathon lethargy nor general inflammation around my joints.

I was previously taking multiple supplements including glucosamine and fish oil to decrease inflammation as I have two broken vertebrae from a horse accident a few years ago. I have not been getting good results of late from these supplements so had stopped them one week prior to my half marathon.

On Saturday morning I ventured up to Kingscliffe for a timed run event called Parkrun. I was going to the run with the thought it would be a slow steady 5km as it generally takes me a few weeks to recover from my longer events.

I ended up having an effortless run much faster than my previous efforts. A personal best time plus 1st in my age group and 4th overall female! I have pulled up well after my effort meaning I am able to continue on towards my current training for the Gold Coast full marathon in July. Previously such a hard effort, even over the shorter course, would mean downtime in my training to recover.

To say I LOVE H2 is a true statement! I have now thrown out my multiple daily tablets and am happy to recommend this tablet to others looking for increased performance whether in strength training, running or even just everyday general health.

I am now in training for the full marathon at the Gold Coast in July then onto Masters games at Lismore in September and look forward to continued improvement with my fitness with the extra benefits received from this easy to use product.

Thank you Alkaway

Yours sincerely

Tanja B

Diana Michaels – June 21, 2015:

68 years old. 6 month shoulder injury, torn ligament, taking 1 tablet per day, NO Pain after 4 days, very impressed.

Diana Michaels, Starlight Healing

Shannon Zervas – June 21, 2015:

Hi, I ‘d like to let you know that I suffer from a collapsed transverse arch in my foot that sends pain through my foot, leg and into my lower back. I took an ‘I Love H2’ tablet a day for and the pain subsided after about two weeks! I am a 35 year old female so I know that it could be hormonal but it seems to coincide with taking the hydrogen tablets.

Al Simon – June 21, 2015:

Just for your own feedback I’ve been cranking like a fully stoked steam train since I started taking the ‘I LOVE H2’ tablets, often waking at 3 am for a morning run and working on through to 9 pm which is screens off time.

Then an early night sleeping 10-3 or maybe 12-6 if I’m still a bit wired at bedtime.

If you sent them to put a rocket up my a___ then they’re doing the trick.

Leon Bartlett – June 21, 2015:

Hi Guys just wanted to share my I love H2 experience!

This Easter (2015) I attended the ‘Blues Fest’ here in Byron Bay.

I started my day with a litre bottle of water from my Ultrastream, with addition of 2 x “I love H2 Tablets”, each day of the Festival. I spent spending 10 hours on my feet, many of those hours grooving away.

Sunday night I had the awesome experience of being 6 rows from the the front for the legendary hip hop crew Jurassic 5, “bouncing” with the 20 yr olds in the mosh pit for 2 hours. I noticed that my legs were coping extremely well and I actually felt more “bouncy’ than I had for years! Tuesday back to work, no aches and pains, and at 53 you would think they’re should be, ” I LOVE H2″

NZ$59.00 NZ$40.00
Out of Stock
NZ$59.00 NZ$40.00
Out of Stock